Spiritual Growth Survey: Discover 12 Spiritual Growth Practices

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Dr. David Slamp

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The Spiritual Growth Survey will help everyone identify the progress they are making in their own spiritual journey and identify areas in which they can grow.

When an entire group or congregation takes this Spiritual Growth Survey, a pastor can view the results as a planning tool to determine what to teach to help members strengthen those areas in which they can grow.
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Examine twelve spiritual practices:
1. Worship
2. Personal Devotion
3. Giving
4. Lay Ministry
5. Bible Knowledge
6. Missions
7. Fellowship
8. Witnessing
9. Attitude Toward Ministry
10. Distinctive Lifestyle
11. Service
12. Social Justice

Each Spiritual Growth Survey includes a questionnaire, a 2-part self-scoring answer sheet, a description of the twelve spiritual growth practices and full instructions.


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