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Discover how spiritual gifts can release the power of everybody. This Team Ministry & Your Gifts Package includes these 5 new resources, in a deeply discounted package price, to help you get started.

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      • Team Ministry: Gifted to Serve (for pastors and leaders) This 224-page book is a practical guide to help pastors and leaders unleash the power of their team through spiritual gifts. A perfect tool for ministry leaders who want to take their churches to new heights for God’s Kingdom as it provides methods to help activate members’ gifts, ways to use members’ spiritual gifts to help your ministry grow, questions and tools for teaching the team gifts.
      • Your Gifts (for individuals and groups) –  This 160-page book is an indispensable companion to the Your Gifts Spiritual Gifts Survey. It takes an in-depth look at each of the nine team gifts and will lead the user to go deeper in discovering God’s unique design for them to become who God created them to be.
      • Your Gifts: Spiritual Gifts Survey for Adults – 16-page survey and gift summary plus answer sheet to help adults unwrap the spiritual gifts God has given so they can grow and become the person they were meant to be! Discovering their unique giftedness and understanding spiritual gifts releases people to serve with effectiveness and fulfillment in the home, work, church and community.
      • Your Gifts for Teens: Spiritual Gifts Survey – 16-page survey and gift summary plus answer sheet to help teens discover their gifts and how to can use them to fulfill God’s plan for their life. What better time than now to understand how God desires to release them with passion and purpose as they begin to put these gifts into practice!
      • Your Gifts for Children: Spiritual Gifts Adventure – 16-page fun and insightful illustrated guide of coloring pages and instruction to introduce children to spiritual gifts through Bible characters and the gifts they exhibited. Help children learn how to grow closer to God through using their special gifts.

Order now while available at this incredible price. Pastors and leaders can review each resource as a first step in making plans to teach and lead their group to activate their gifts. Individuals can review and study each resource for personal guidance in discovering and activating their gifts. Share this exciting news with your family, church, and beyond…that each person can find meaning and fulfillment through understanding their unique giftedness. Grow into the person God intends as you use your gifts in your daily life…whether at home, church, school, work or in your community. YOU ARE GIFTED by God to serve.

ISBN: 9781570523328


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