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The Holy Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Dr. Elmer Towns Perhaps the most difficult-to-understand aspect of Christianity is the doctrine of the Trinity. Yet the Trinity is at the very heart of Christian doctrine. When Christians describe God as a Trinity, they mean that He exists in unity in three eternal persons. Each member of the Trinity is→ Read more

Rediscovering 15 Rewards of Fasting

Larry Tomczak …forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead… Philippians 3:13 Who doesn’t like the opportunity to start over and be healthier, happier and more fruitful? As we launch into a new year, God gives all of us the chance to forget→ Read more

8 Foundational Doctrines of the Christian Faith

Dr. Elmer Towns Knowing the eight Foundational Doctrines of the Faith will help you to understand the basics of your Christian faith so that you can stand strong and securely state your position to those who question your faith. Here is a summary of these eight major doctrines. WHAT WE→ Read more
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Team Ministry: Everyone at Your Church Meeting Needs

Dr. Larry Gilbert People will support the church that meets the needs in their lives or touches the needs and lives of their loved ones. Not only must the church meet the needs, but it must also meet the needs when they occur. The church that can meet a person’s specific need when→ Read more
What Inspires Commitment in Volunteers

What Inspires Commitment in Volunteers?

Damon DeLillo We were all taught to believe that there used to be a ministry golden era (sometime in the 50s) when people had more time and they were more committed to church. It was an era when Mom stayed home and served weekly in the Sunday school, attended women’s circle meetings on Wednesday→ Read more

Spiritual Gifts and the Fruit of the Spirit Declare the Presence of The Holy Spirit

Dr. Larry Gilbert The Scriptures emphasize that Christians are to use their gifts to minister to others and that the power to use those gifts comes from the Holy Spirit. In fact, 1 Corinthians 12:7 seems to indicate that spiritual gifts are one of the manifestations, or indicators, of the Holy Spirit’s presence→ Read more

How Many Spiritual Gifts Are There?

Dr. Larry Gilbert In a recent survey I asked the question, “What is your spiritual gift?” Of the 72 adults responding, only 15 answered with what could be considered a valid name for a spiritual gift. Twenty-two gave no answer at all. Most amazing of all were the 28 who listed their gift→ Read more

Who Has Spiritual Gifts?

Dr. Larry Gilbert Every true Christian has spiritual gifts. As we shall see, God gives every believer at least one spiritual gift at the time of the New Birth. Yet many Christians live much or all of their Christian life without realizing that fact or the impact of such a truth. The fact→ Read more
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What is a Spiritual Gift?

Dr. Larry Gilbert A practical look at how your spiritual gift relates to the many areas of your life. Everywhere I go I find Christians asking the question, “What is my spiritual gift?” When in reality they need to ask, “What is a spiritual gift?” You see, the problem is not that Christians→ Read more

8 Reasons Why All Christians Should Know Their Spiritual Gifts

Dr. Larry Gilbert Once at a Sunday school convention I taught two workshops, “Teaching Spiritual Gifts in the Sunday School” and “How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift.” The “teaching” workshop attracted 30 people while the “discovery” workshop attracted about 150 people, both to a room that seated 35. People are curious and long to→ Read more