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Product Description

Your Group Spiritual Gifts Database at Your Fingertips! Great for your church, class, organization or special group Members of your church or group can take the Spiritual Gifts Analysis online— receive their results immediately—and we’ll save the results in your group database so the administrator can view them online or download the information for evaluation, ministry placement and planning, and educational purposes! DEMO available: CLICK HERE.

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Each group receives a unique ID number that must be used in order to collect and save the information in the database. If your church has a web site, you may link directly to your own group database by using a unique URL that will be provided with your group ID and administrator password. Instructions will be provided by email upon your subscribing to this database service. User friendly instructions are provided online. Special Features for the Group Administrator:

  • Enter scores from previously taken printed inventories. This keyed-in information will be added to the database, along with the results from the online analyses, giving you a complete analysis and overview of your group. Plus, when you key in results from a printed Spiritual Gifts Inventory you will be able to print a personalized report on that individual just like the one they get when they complete the online analysis.
  • Choose to receive an e-mail with each person’s results as they complete their Spiritual Gifts Analysis online.
  • Access each gift description in the database for future reference and print-outs.
  • Delete records from your database if someone completes the analysis more than once, or moves on and is no longer a member of your group.
  • Edit/update records in the database.
  • View group member information online (sort by column heading such as last name, first/dominant gift, date added, title…). Download group member data and place in MS-Word, MS-Excel or most database programs.
  • Choose to require members to fill in extended personal information such as phone number, birth date…
  • Set up an automatic e-mail to send to group members as they complete the analysis online.
  • View comparison charts of dominant gifts of your laity and staff.

ISBN: 9781570521966

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