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Product Description

You will love the Team Ministry Online Personal Ministry Finder for Groups database!

Help your people to determine where they fit best in serving God.

To find your best fit, it is important to look at your God-given spiritual gifts, your unique personality, and your leadership and teamwork style.

Combined these three online surveys help you to discover the passion that drives you. Without passion you lack the motivation necessary to succeed in life.

The Team Ministry Personal Ministry Finder will enable you to help your members get a handle on each of these key areas of life as they gain an understanding of how God has equipped them for daily life and ministry.

The analysis gives a detailed report on each area–gifts, personality, leadership style–plus a provides a list of ministries of interest based on the user’s selections (if the administrator chooses to activate that feature).

Your group administrator can choose to share one or all 240+ ministry job descriptions. Use them as is, personalize them for your ministry, or create your own ministry descriptions to share with your group members. The individual gets a report upon completion…and your database saves the results for viewing by your administrator.

A great tool to help your members reach their potential…and the best new resource to help you with ministry planning, teaching, and recruitment.

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Each group member analysis includes:

  • Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Inventory. When completed the gifts analysis gives each participant a bar graph showing their strengths in the nine ministry gifts, plus a four- to five-page report that gives them an in-depth evaluation of your top three dominant spiritual gifts.
  • The LEAD Personality Survey. Personality type plays a role in who people are and how they relate to and serve others. Here each participant will be able to evaluate the characteristics of their personality in light of the four LEAD personality types.
  • The Leadership & Management Inventory. In one capacity or another, in business, ministry, or family, we all lead and manage. This inventory will help participants identify their leadership & management style with a comparison chart and a detailed compilation of the strengths and weaknesses of their style.
  • Preferred Ministry Positions & Interest Profile. The group administrator may choose to include a feature where each participant may indicate their passions or interests by clicking areas of ministry interest, age groups with which they are most comfortable, hobbies or special interests, and special knowledge or background qualifications. The group administrator may also provide a list of ministry opportunities available in the church. This list includes each position’s requirements, function, and responsibilities so each participant understands what is involved. All of this information helps participants to find the best ministry fit where they will be able to fulfill their God-given passion.
  • Summary Report. In addition to being able to print out the individual reports as they are completed, each participant will receive a summary page recapping their top three spiritual gifts, top two personality types, leadership & management style, and their preferred ministry positions.

Administrator features:

  • Select from 240 ministry job opportunities or edit to add your own
  • Show ministry descriptions/opportunities for group members to select their interests
  • Include interest profiles for each of group members
  • View each individual group member’s summary of results from the Spiritual Gifts Analysis, Personality Inventory, Leadership/Management Inventory, and Interest Profile
  • Sort function, so you may sort your entire group list by first, second or third dominant gift; first or second dominant personality type; leadership/management style; title; first/last name; date completed; position; e-mail address
  • Auto email feature–compose an email that will automatically send to each member as they complete the analysis • Broadcast email feature–compose and send email to your entire group at once…or to select groups
  • Add the results from the printed Spiritual Gifts Inventory, L-E-A-D Personality Inventory, or Leadership/Management Inventory (for those who do not have computer access or are computer illiterate–or if you have already used the printed version and want to input those results) • View and print descriptions of all the gifts, leadership/management and personality types
  • Delete records of members who leave the group
  • Save the records from your spiritual gifts analysis group in a text file and download that information to import to a database program, a spreadsheet program, or open with a word processing program to view the data

Get ready to help your members discover where they fit best in serving God!

NEW SUBSCRIPTION to Team Ministry Online Personal Ministry Finder for Groups first-time setup and one-year subscription fee based on number of members. (See Team Ministry Online Personal Ministry Finder for Groups RENEWAL to renew or upgrade an existing subscription.)

ISBN: 9781570522994

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