LEAD Personality Survey: Discover Your God-Given Personality (Bulk Pricing for Groups)

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Dr. Walter Lacey with John Fanning

Help Everyone to Discover Their Unique God-Given Personality


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Product Description

The LEAD Personality Survey will provide you with an in-depth study of the unique characteristics of each type of personality, including your personality.

Your entire family, church members—even employees—will benefit from gaining a complete knowledge and understanding of their own personalities.

Improve communication and relationships as you identify and better understand your own personality type, find out what motivates or demotivates people, and learn how others are most or least effective based upon their personality type.

There are three basic criteria which were used in the development of the LEAD Personality Survey

  1. Construct Validation: It is possible to identify separate personality patterns, styles, and characteristics.  People will demonstrate a particular behavior or action in relationship to their own personality development.
  2. Content Validation: The content in the survey is designed to appeal to each separate personality.  In the LEAD Personality Survey, there are 20 statements related to each personality type.  The arrangement of the statements is designed to prevent recognizing a pattern.
  3. Criteria Validation: When the participant actually takes the survey, he/she will in fact choose those statements related to his/her particular personality.  The pilot group was made up of many participants that had demonstrated through other forms of testing to have certain personality tendencies.  They validated the criteria by choosing the statements that were designed to match their personality.

Over 500,000 people have taken the LEAD Personality Survey. It has been used by several of the largest training organizations in the United States, in management departments in different colleges and universities internationally, and in various church groups, businesses as well as by many individuals.

Each LEAD Personality Survey includes questionnaire; answer sheet; instructions; profiles of the different personality types such as the Leader, Expresser, Analyst, and Dependable; and descriptions of different personality patterns. 16 pages.


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